Ayurveda Tips: Massage, Aromas, Gems and Exercise

Ayurveda Tips: Massage, Aromas, Gems and Exercise

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Ayurveda, are herbs and spices. The reason for that is because Ayurveda focuses primarily on using a specific diet for the different doshas to ward off disease. 

However, besides just a dosha diet, Ayurveda also incorporates other holistic methods such as massage, aromatherapy, gems, color therapy and exercise to improve one’s wellbeing. 

All these are holistic methods and there are hardly any side effects for most people. However, they must be used consistently for there to be results. 

  • Massage and aromas 

Massage in Ayurveda is used to help boost circulation and de-stress the body. The vata dosha especially should use regular massages to improve their health. Essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil and used in the massage.  

It’s important to change up your oils with every few massages so that there is no buildup of toxins in the system. Pittas can use essential oils such as sandalwood and jasmine. 

  • Gems  

Gems are considered to have healing properties in Ayurveda. Different gems are used for the different doshas to help achieve certain goals. For example, ruby can help people with vata or kapha doshas to heal arthritis, acne, heart disease, infections, etc. 

Emeralds and green amethyst can be used by pittas to prevent indigestion, anxiety, memory loss and mental disorder. If your situation gets worse when using a crystal, you will need to remove it and keep it away from you because it is conflicting with your birth chart. 

Ayurveda uses a method known as crystal infusion, which is a process of placing a cleansed crystal in a bowl of water (in the sunlight) for about 4 hours then drinking this water.  

  • Exercise 

Even if you are not an Ayurveda practitioner, you can’t deny the benefits of exercise. In Ayurveda, kapha types are encouraged to engage in regular vigorous exercise because their dosha type demands it. Ironically, kaphas tend to avoid exercise because they have a tendency towards inertia. 

By forming the habit of daily exercise, kapha people will feel more energetic and alive. They will do well to take up high intensity training regimens such as sprinting, CrossFit, etc. 

Pittas, however, are at the other end of the spectrum. If they exercise, they may overdo it. Due to their nature, pittas should aim for moderate exercise so that they don’t overstimulate the body.  

The goal here is activity and not annihilation. In sports, pittas may be highly competitive, and this could stress them out. The desire to win is so great that they lose the joy of the sport. 

Vata people will benefit most from the gentler types of exercise such as yoga, Pilates, walking, swimming leisurely and other gentler sports. The goal of the exercise is not only to provide some form of activity, but to also help quieten the highly active vata mind. 

That’s why yoga is so beneficial for vatas. The meditation and breathing techniques will calm them down. 

Whichever dosha you may be, it’s important that you exercise. While a healthy diet will help to prevent disease, exercise will tone your muscles and strengthen your body. They’re also an excellent way to relieve stress.  


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